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Turn your phone into a lab-accurate tester for potency and more. The Purpl PRO puts FDA-endorsed technology in the palm of your hand for easy answers, anywhere. Simply pair Purpl PRO with an iOS or Android phone and you’re ready to go.

Test as many samples as you want and get immediate potency results. Potency (CBD and THC) is one of the most critical measurements throughout the value chain, from the farm to the dispensary. Purpl Scientific will help improve quality and integrity by providing on-the-spot testing with lab-level accuracy.

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1 review for Purpl PRO cannabinoid testing unit

  1. Thomas Tucker

    In early 2020 my extractor manufacturing company was going to be a Purpl Pro dealer so we bought 4 of the devices (minimum order). After receiving them, but before offering them to our customers, I created and executed a test grid comparing results of the device against Health Canada-approved lab results of a variety of Canadian Licenced Producer cannabis strains. Despite PurPl Scientific’s claims of fast and accurate, the PurPl Pro was inconsistent and extremely sensitive to humidity levels. I tried to reach their customer service but was unable to make contact until I called the President directly (poor customer service). When I did make contact with their technical guy he told me that water measurement was in development and would be an optional upgrade. When I showed him my test results he acknowledged that humidity did affect the results but that they felt it was close enough as-is. He also told me that oil testing would not be available for quite some time. I subsequently told the president that the product did not perform as advertised and that I could not offer it to my customers in its current state of development. The president told me that the best he could do was a 50% refund. I took the refund only because it was better than nothing – but I felt then, and I feel now, that I was forced to the refund under duress. In my opinion, the product does not work as advertised and their business practice is offensive. Let the buyer beware.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to mark them out of stock now. Unfortunately a bit pricey too.

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